Le 12/07/2018 à 20:56, Lucien Gentis a écrit :
html.fr files were generated, but . . not versionned ; so I had to make a "svn add" for each of them.

Doesn't Build.sh automatically add them to the svn repos after having created them ?

I don't think so.

In addition, there's still a problem : if I go to http://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/fr/ , if I click on "Microsoft Windows", I can see the french html file. But If I click from this file on "en" or "ko" langage, I can't come back to french file.

Could it be related to the fact that I had to remove -Xbootclasspath/p option from build.sh script because it's no more supported by openjdk 10 ?
No, it is unrelated. This is because the other translations were not aware of the French version when they have been (previously) built. Their html files have to be updated as well in order to provide the link with the new translation files.

   ./build.sh all
should updated the other languages as well and generate the missing links between languages.


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