Hello all,
I have a problem just following the tutorial 
I have a project folder, composer installed doctrine. 
I got well the "No meta class found" when I launch "vendor/bin/doctrine 
orm:schema-tool:create"  -ok
Nevertheless, when defining a product with Product.php... the php fdile is 
read ( because if I put an error inside, php crash)  but I still have the 
same message.

vendor/bin/doctrine orm:schema-tool:create ->
No Metadata Classes to process.

Here is my Product.php. Does someone has an idea of what to do ?

Thanks of a lot for your ideas.


// src/Product.php

use Doctrine\ORM\Annotation as ORM;

 * @ORM\Entity @ORM\Table(name="products")
class Product
    /** @ORM\Id @ORM\Column(type="integer") @ORM\GeneratedValue **/
    protected $id;

    /** @ORM\Column(type="string") **/
    protected $name;

    public function getId()
        return $this->id;

    public function getName()
        return $this->name;

    public function setName($name)
        $this->name = $name;


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