May 4th Documentation team call

Presents: Olivier Hallot, Leo Moons, Roger Caws

Documentation Update:

Help content modernization
    * Objective: turn the helpcontent into a richer experience for the
user, either on-line or offline
    * How: use the existing XML files (XHP) and display in a modern browser.
    + for the on-line version at the
    + Experiemental index extracted from XHP files
    + not yet integrated with LibreOffice help system
    + Work in progress, need of development/web support
    + soon: possiblity to edit XHP files directly in vm173

Help content update
    * Objective: Make helpcontent consistent with LibreOffice releases

    + LibreOffice underwent many changes in UI and has new features,
many are undocumented.

    * How: Review current help content and update with current features.
        + A meta bug in Bugzilla is open to collect missing
documentaiotn of HC
        + Bug 80430 – LOCALHELP: Features x Documentation gap meta issue
        + E.G. Impress Photo Album, New Calc functions, Changes in UI,
        + pick one and write about it in any media: blog post, text
document, mail, etc...

Books in ODF Authors
     * Note: Books on LibreOffice from ODFAuthors appreciated as source
for translation
        + perceived as "The Official LibreOffice Documentation"
     * Objective: Have LibreOffice books released at time of LibreOffice

         + we need to fast forward to release 5.1 and 5.2

       * How: Review existing books and write about new features, and usage.

       * Chapters 1-4 are updated and partially reviewed

       * Chapters 5-11 in the queue.

Team feedback
     * Major issues to solve for community participation and fun

         + Leo: (Also translator for Dutch)

    1) User interface in pootle + help and docs

    2) People write their own doc's targeted for Dutch students.

    Leo: Pootle is 99% at time of release (Dutch)

           +Issue: repetition of work, time consuming, 10x the same word

       Leo: Books need human resources
            Need knowledge on the OmegaT process
            Workshop on OmegaT or other CAT

     * How to improve participation
     Leo: get a good way of CAT, support

     * LibreOffice Conference in Brno:
         [x]A documentaiton track?
         [x]A hackfest for documenters
         [x]A doc team comm' meeting?

    * Is the hangout time and day of the week OK for you?
    * Next meeting May 18th

What can we do for next meeting (Action items)
 AI: Olivier take the Calc chapter for Getting started
     Roger takes the Impress chapter of the same book.
     Leo takes Draw chapter

Olivier Hallot
Comunidade LibreOffice
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Local time: UTC-03

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