Hello Lothar

Em 26/07/2016 11:03, Lothar Becker escreveu:
> Hi Olivier,
> so here I'm back again, sorry for delay, the last days I had a heavy
> workload
> with interop issues.
> First of all thanks for bringing in the issue to the meta bug.

You're welcome.

> I've searched and visited some issues of them but I didn't find a bug
> which seems to cover the same. So afterwards, I searched a little bit in
> the
> Indes you mentioned and I think I found the place, where the description
> should be
> integrated in, see
> http://vm173.documentfoundation.org/text/schart/01/wiz_data_series.xhp#bm_id8641621
> It is not covered directly of the index, but with the link "chart
> wizzard - data ranges" you get there.

Yes, indeed.

> So, I'm sure, it is a piity so find out, which XHP file it is, but more
> road blockers are the question,
> where to search for the informations itself ("which form and numbers
> have to be filled in the range
> for fill colours and border colours).

vm173 is work in progress.

> So before adding something tothe XHP file there are two questions:
> a) Are there any developer documentations / specifications for the chart
> wizzard or in detail für
> the type of inputs for the second tab of it? As I'm not so far from
> development (not daily but
> sometimes) I think I will be able, to understand such documentations to
> sort out these informatiosn.
> Or a hint where to find the chart wizzard implementation to have a look
> at the source code.

As opposed to the old OpenOffice.org at SUN's times, I am not aware of
the doc's/spec's of any feature unique to LibreOffice. At best, some
senior developers write the help pages or blog posts, which is much
appreciated, but it is not the rule. Therefore, volunteers pick the
features and, with trial and error, sweat, devotion and abnegation,
write on the subject.

> b) What infrastructure is needed to help with help files?

There are 3 ways to edit help files. All need a copy of the helpconten2/
module git in the local machine.

1) using the HelpAuthoring extension. See

2) an experimental on-line text editor in vm173

3) plain text edition in your local copy of helpcontent2/

For 2) write me offline to get a login.

Kind regards


> Am 20.07.2016 um 16:13 schrieb Olivier Hallot:
>> Hi Lothar
>> Mucho better indeed!
>> I brought back the discussion to the bug page.
>> Kind regards
>> Olivier
>> Em 20/07/2016 01:49, Lothar Becker escreveu:
>>> Hi Olivier,
>>> wow, youare absolut right, thanks Olivier, it is
>>> https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=100586
>>> I switched the last two numbers, so sorry for that, please
>>> excuse me for that, I will search for the help page and in the
>>> meta bug soon,
>>> Thanks again, Olivier, best
>>> Lothar
>>> Am 19.07.2016 um 23:47 schrieb Olivier Hallot:
>>>> Hi Lothar
>>>> Can you double check if bug #100568 (LibreOffice Bugzilla) has anything
>>>> related to a dialog, colour and borders? A typo may have slipped in,
>>>> because 100568 is a pivot table & filter display issue, not chart and
>>>> data series.
>>>> https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=100568
>>>> You can also try to find the help page in this site
>>>> http://vm173.documentfoundation.org/text/schart/main0000.xhp
>>>> and let me know the troubling page.
>>>> Kind regards
>>>> Olivier
>>>> Em 19/07/2016 12:37, Lothar Becker escreveu:
>>>>> Hi Olivier,
>>>>> first of all thanks for your response, very appreciated ;-)
>>>>> Well, perhaps its a little bit complicated expressed from me,
>>>>> what I meant is, that in the help-text of the mentioned dialog
>>>>> there is no explanation, which semantic is needed with the
>>>>> entry fields for fill colour and border colour, which sort of values
>>>>> and which concrete integer numberhave to be put in this fields
>>>>> to get aspecific colour in the bar or forthe borders of the bar in a
>>>>> chart).
>>>>> I would expect in the help text for this dialog something like:
>>>>> the range in the entry fields für border colour and fill colour
>>>>> must be
>>>>> filled with the name of the element in the data series
>>>>> and an integer out of 1 to 9999999, where 1 stands for black and
>>>>> 9999999
>>>>> stands for white, or somethinglike this.
>>>>> So, let me have a look inthe meta-bug, if it is covered in the
>>>>> mentioned
>>>>> issues there,
>>>>> thanI will come back again with the search result.This will last a few
>>>>> days because I'm in
>>>>> heavy workload with a urgent LibO interop issue from a customer.
>>>>> Thanks again, Olivier, I will be back ;-)
>>>>> Lothar
>>>>> Am 18.07.2016 um 17:39 schrieb Olivier Hallot:
>>>>>> Hi Lothar
>>>>>> Sorry for the late response.
>>>>>> I'm having trouble associating bug#100568 into a help content related
>>>>>> issue. Have I missed something?
>>>>>> But if you are available to address help content issues, we collected
>>>>>> them in this meta-bug:
>>>>>> https://goo.gl/fwL7kO
>>>>>> Let me know if one of these topics pleases you and I'll help you
>>>>>> to get
>>>>>> it done.
>>>>>> Kind Regards
>>>>>> Olivier
>>>>>> Em 01/07/2016 05:33, Lothar Becker escreveu:
>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>> in follow up to issue #100568 in the bugtracker I volunteer to help
>>>>>>> with
>>>>>>> the help content for that.
>>>>>>> Could someone give me a hint, how and where I get the needed
>>>>>>> information
>>>>>>> (out of the source?) and what to do (process, infrastructure), to
>>>>>>> extend
>>>>>>> the help
>>>>>>> contend for this topic.
>>>>>>> And if this is done and infrastructure set up for that, there
>>>>>>> ceratinly
>>>>>>> will be other
>>>>>>> topics where I will help from time to time
>>>>>>> Thanks a lot, cu in Brno
>>>>>>> Lothar

Olivier Hallot
Comunidade LibreOffice
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