Documentation Team Meeting, July 27th 2016, 20:00 UTC.

Hangout link:

Present: Olivier, Jean , Leo, Marco Pinto, Chrystina

+ How to turn the documentation job fun and thrilling?
      Jean: I've never found a good answer.
           + no need to do the whole chapter
           + need to indicate up to where it was updated
           + people don't notice the things to add.
           + Most people that want to help don't know the software
               +Know more than the average
      Leo: Chapters too big to work with
           +less pages
      Jean: May be we have to translate from other lang to English

      + get more authors?

      + Author's peer/community recognition
         Leo: Contributor of the month
              + like in Pootle
              + Interview with Authors
         Olivier: Page with all photos of the authors
                  + Certificate?
                  + List of Authors
         Leo: Hall of fame
              + Medals, once the doc is published.
              + Combine with marketing
              + spread the word,
              + people behind the books, like devs

      + Narrow gap between book release date and software release date
         Leo: On Getting Started (GS) what to be changed?
              Someone to flag what to change and add
              Jean: who is going to do it?
              Olivier: not every new feature will do to GS.
              Leo: On next version (6) rethink on what to write
              about, rework the text
                  + start the new version right after the feature is
              Jean: People want to see the sw before writing about.

      + Lowering author's entry barriers
          Leo: workload: split the chapters
               or split the tasks: text, screen capture, revisions.

+ How can we improve our documents visibility?

    + Are our books a true LibreOffice companion product?
    + improve downloads of our books?
    + connect LO users to our docs and books?
        Olivier: Have links from the help menu to our documentation
    LibreOffice Help menu:

    LibreOffice Help
    What is this?
    Online Help ( )
    Download Offline Help ( likely only enabled if offline help isnt
installed, but wont be useful for locales that dont have localized help.
e.g. arabic )
    User Guides ( )
    Questions & Answers ( )
    Submit Feedback ( BSA or bugzilla or )
    Community Support ( )
    Professional Support ( )
    Check for updates
    License information
    Donate to LibreOffice
    About LibreOffice

    + get more book translators,
    + L10N contributions to documentation

+ Documentation meetings in Brno.
    + Set a meeting room for the documentation team
       + update brainstorming on documentation issues
       + Set targets for documentation in next 6 mo or 1 year.
       + Other topics

Olivier Hallot
Comunidade LibreOffice
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Local time: UTC-03

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