Hi Sophie,

On 29.07.2017 19:08, Sophie wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Le 29/07/2017 à 10:06, Dave a écrit :
>> On the (US English) download page, inside the box for the chosen version
>> it reads:
>> <Q>
>> LibreOffice 5.4.0 release notes
>> Supplementary Downloads:
>> Help for offline use: English (US) (Torrent, Info)
>> need another language?
>> </Q>
>> The installer file for the off-line/local help facility, is offered as
>> "Supplementary" (additional) to the main installation file, because it
>> is a convenience option, not an essential requirement to use the
>> software.
> In some countries it's a legal requirement to have the help files
> alongside the software, that's why it's also available as a package, for
> IT department to be able to install it together with the product.

Yes, I understand that, because I have first hand experience of this
situation with other software installations in commercial & government
locations. I deliberately omitted the point in order not to over
complicate my answer to the question.

>  If the off-line help is not installed the software
>> automatically attempts to provide the on-line equivalent in the user's
>> web browser. If you have a suggestion for the "simple fix" rewording to
>> convey this in a few words, we can put it forward to the website team.
>> "Few words", because everything has to be translated into many
>> (https://www.libreoffice.org/community/nlc/) languages, by our
>> (overworked) translation volunteers.
> Yes, but to be exact, NLPs doesn't translate the exact content, it's up
> to them to translate what they want and adapt it to their language.

I understand that NLPs are free to translate as they see fit, but as you
and I know some NLPs like to keep the appearance and context of their
their websites in close alignment (not an exact translated copy) with
the default (English) website. I used the wrong terminology in saying
"everything has to be translated" when I should have said "the content
might have to be translated". Again, I was trying not to over complicate
my answer to the question.

> Oliver was not suggesting the wiki is not a good source of information.
>> The wiki content has been built up over a number of years and in some
>> areas it would benefit from a bit of housekeeping. As with all things in
>> open source software, there is always much more work to be done than
>> there are hands to do it.
>> You seem to be looking for some kind of single reference source that
>> will inform people about everything within the complex structure of this
>> fairly large project. Can you give some indication as to what level of
>> detail and what audience(s) such a source should cater for. Maybe
>> something suitable could be drafted and put forward as an overview for
>> the "Get Involved" page:
>> https://www.libreoffice.org/community/get-involved/
>> You might have misinterpreted Sophie's post. Pootle is not exclusively
>> related to the online version of the software, it is a
>> tool/facility/service used by the translators for many aspects of the
>> software.
> Yes :) thanks for the clarifications
> Cheers
> Sophie
I try to help out where I think it might be useful ;)
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