I have corrected some formatting errors in the chapter and book files (ODT
and PDF) for Getting Started withLO6.0 and uploaded them to the wiki and to
ODFAuthors. If you have taken copies of the earlier version to use for
translation or for updating to 6.1, please use these new ones instead.

I did not replace files in NextCloud because I could not find a folder for
Docs or ODFAuthors. I’m probably doing something wrong; I’m not familiar
with that platform. Yes, I was logged in.

The formatting problems were mainly due to errors in the template, which I
have also corrected. I’ll be uploading that to ODFAuthors later today; I
forgot to do it last night.

A big problem for the compiled book was a difference in compatibility
settings between most of the chapter files and the book master file. In
Tools > Oprions > LibreOffice Writer > Compatibility, we must be sure to
UNcheck the options for “Add spacing for paragraphs and tables (in current
document)” and “Add paragraph and table spacing at tops of pages (in
current document)”. With a few exceptions, the chapters were correct, but
the master doc was not.

I tracked another big problem down to the presence of hidden sections in
the master document. They made cross-references to page numbers come out
wrong. When I manually deleted the contents of the hidden sections, the
problem went away. This is a bug. It’s been around for many years.

I also found and corrected a few instances of incorrect paragraph styles,
but I also missed a few.

I wasn’t copy editing, but I did correct a few errors that caught my eye. I
can’t stop myself! 😊

Lastly, I note that several chapters, and the preface, include the table of
macOS keystroke differences. I don’t think these are needed in all those
places. Either the Preface or Chapter 1, but not both, would do. In all
other individual chapters, put it on the Copyright page, not in the body of
the chapter.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.


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