On 05.11.2018 18:12, Drew Jensen wrote:
> Howdy,
> One of the tasks from the Wed meeting was to put together starting files
> for two new Calc Guide Appendices.
> One to cover 'Calc With LibreOffice OnLine'  and the other with details for
> 'large dataset performance improvements using the multi-threading features
> in Calc'.
> Looking at the current chapter layout of the 4.1 guide there are three
> appendix files I chose to insert the new appendices before the current
> ones, so LOOL would be Appendix A, Threading would be Appendix B, and the
> current three just move up a letter.
> So for today I updated the list of chapter file names in the check
> spreadsheet "Guide Status.ods" in that folder with the following new and
> changed file names.
> CG6200-Preface.odt
> CG6201-IntroducingCalc.odt
> CG6202-EnterEditFormatData.odt
> CG6203-ChartsAndGraphs.odt
> CG6204-StylesAndTemplates.odt
> CG6205-UsingGraphicsInCalc.odt
> CG6206-PrintingExportingEmailing.odt
> CG6207-FormulasAndFunctions.odt
> CG6208-PivotTables.odt
> CG6209-DataAnalysis.odt
> CG6211-SharingAndReviewing.odt
> CG6212-CalcMacros.odt
> CG6213-CalcAsASimpleDatabase.odt
> CG6214-CustomizingCalc.odt
> --new
> CG6215-CalcOnLine.odt
> CG6216-CalculationEngineThreading.odt
> --renumbered
> CG6217-KeyboardShortcuts.odt
> CG6218-CalcFunctions.odt
> CG6219-CalcErrorCodes.odt
> Also changed the file names for three existing files in the draft folder.
> The only checked out file of those three is to me and I assigned new files
> to me for upload before Wed. meeting, along with the now Appendix D Calc
> functions (which is now finished with up through the release notes for 6.1
> here on the disc).
> Also, removed two template files in that Draft folder (to remove any
> confusion) given the 6.0 template file now in a 'English->Contributor
> Resources' folder in the LO Doc workgroup folder structure.
> Best wishes,
> Drew

Hi Drew,

Many thanks for your work in organizing this. Not a simple task.

I may have been a bit "previous" in uploading the draft proposal of the
6.x template to the 'English->Contributor Resources' folder, before
finishing the explanatory email I am preparing. If I don't have too many
glasses of wine ;) I will post this tonight, otherwise (hangover
permitting :( ) I will post in the morning.

Best Regards

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