Hi All,

The Contributor Guide is extremely helpful and I deeply appreciate that someone --presumably Jean--invested the time and energy to create it. I would just like a little bit of clarification.

Chapter 2 provides guidelines for indexing. On page 11, the guidelines say: "The translators have requested that we do NOT create index entries that surround words or phrases in the text. Instead, we need to create entries that are embedded before or after the words or phrases to be included in the index."

What is the rationale for not creating index entries that surround words or phrases? How does this help the translators?

Then, in the next paragraph, it says "Either highlight the word or phrase to add to the index or place the cursor at the beginning of the word."

This appears to contradict the previous paragraph, where it says to not highlight entire words and phrases. What should the guideline be?

Two lines later, it says: "DO NOT simply accept the word or phrase shown in the Entry box. Instead, first change the word or phrase in some way, for example by typing a blank space at the end or (if appropriate) changing an initial uppercase letter to lowercase.

This requirement seems puzzling. I am sure that there are good reasons for changing the word or phrase and would appreciate some insight.

Thanks for whatever clarification people can provide.


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