Are you saying that an issue arises when there is a custom number field inside an index entry? That seems highly unlikely.  Perhaps I am not following what you are saying.

On 11/8/2018 10:29 AM, Olivier Hallot wrote:
Em 08/11/2018 04:12, Jean Weber escreveu:
Chapter 2 provides guidelines for indexing. On page 11, the guidelines
say: "The translators have requested that we do NOT create index entries
that surround words or phrases in the text. Instead, we need to create
entries that are embedded before or after the words or phrases to be
included in the index."

What is the rationale for not creating index entries that surround words
or phrases? How does this help the translators?
Olivier or Sophie or someone can provide the technical explanation. My
understanding is that it interferes with the translation software

Oh yes, that's likely me. It was because of field references to *custom*
number range inside the text. For standard number range such as Table,
Illustration, Figure, frame etc... available in Autocaption settings,
translation seems to be handled well and can be carried at the caption
paragraph. When it comes to custom number range field, you can't translate.

The issue raised when I was translating A. Pitonyak's well known macro
book, where the custom number range field "Listing" was untranslatable
and forcing translation at caption paragraph broke the references to it.
The right approach then is to manually translate the caption and
reference the number range field only by its number, which is invariant.

Kind regards

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