Hi Mike, Olivier,
Le 04/01/2019 à 11:39, Mike Saunders a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> Olivier and I have been working on a new XHP editor, to simplify the
> editing of help documentation. The goals of this editor are:
> * Ease of use -- with syntax highlighting and autocompletion
> * Web-based -- so it can be used immediately
> * Integrated -- into the Gerrit/Git workflow
> We're still working on that final point, but for now, you can try the
> editor here:
> https://newdesign.libreoffice.org/new_help_editor/index.html
> To test the autocompletion, start with a blank document and type a "<"
> character. You'll see that "helpdocument" is suggested as a top-level
> tag. Hit enter to complete it, then add ">".

Autocompletion is working correctly for me. I'm not sure the <br> tag is
needed because often it's placed at the wrong place for translators. We
get a better structure for translation segmentation if it's a new
> Now go to another line and add "<" again, and you'll see child tags
> suggested: "meta" and "body". You can also close the "helpdocument" tag.
> For some tags that have parameters, the editor will show them as well.
> Underneath, you see various buttons: undo/redo, starting a new document
> (with the basic structure), and various tags/sections. Rendering on the
> right-hand pane doesn't work yet, but Olivier is looking at that.

the <ahelp> button is not working, otherwise all the others are working
correctly. When the Save changes button will be implemented, will I get
a file to commit?
I didn't check thoroughly the structure, do you want me to check it or
did you already did it?
> Anyway, play around with it, see what you think, and if you want the
> full code to test changes, Olivier can show you how to get it!
Thanks a lot for your work, it seems a lot easier to write help files
with this great tool :)

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