10 years is a good year to change his use, be more adult …

5.0 is a REAL major version IF they include as stable multicurancy and 

In other case they will be another disturbish version who decrease the number 
of sell in the Dolistore.

6 month between 2 major version freeze the creativity of developpers, We have 
waiting 3 years to have the accountancy stable in Dolibarr and without the 
crownfunding of darkjeff, I suppose that we have to wait 3 years more this 
major feature …


Once again I ask to change the scheduling of the major release to 1 by year and 
I propose to plan a vote for change the roadmap ASAP


Bien cordialement,

Charlie Benke


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Objet : [Dolibarr-association] Dolibarr 4.0.1



Just a note to let you know that dolibarr 4.0.1 has been released.
4.0.1 is just a very minor bugfix version compared to 4.0 to fix issues 
discovered just after release of the major version 4.0

The current development branch should also be frozen soon to start the 5.0 beta 
period. Goal is to release 5.0 in january as stated in the roadmap we follow 
from 10 years now (1 major version in january and 1 in july)

Version can be downloaded from official portal https://www.dolibarr.org

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