As long as a translation is done into transifex, it is included into
standard version. Transifex is the only reference of translation are stored.

If value is wrong in 7.0.0 there is 4 possible reason.
- Translation was never done for the string in the language on transifex
- Translation was done and was good one day in transifex, but someone (a
bad guy) has modified the translation with a wrong value on transifex (this
can be viewed by the history tab on transifex)
- The english original string was modified. In such a case, because source
was modified, transifex expect to have the translation redone too.
- A translation key was splitted in 2 keys, to be able to provide 2
different translation depending on 2 different context.

For the month into the graph this is the last case. Now we use a new
english value of month on 1 digit. For example the key
For pt_BR, translation for pt_BR was not done yet, so you get english value.

2018-03-10 0:33 GMT+01:00 Sasa Ostrouska <>:

> Hi, I would like to understand a bit better how the translations workflow
> is.
> I am sure I have corrected some time ago in the Transifex quite some
> strings,
> but today upgrading on 7.0.0 in git I still see those wrong, with bad
> spellings and
> sometimes with not a correct translation for the action or button.
> So can you tell me is it worth correcting these things on Transifex and
> when do they get included if they get at all.
> Month names in the invoices graph widgets on first page for example are
> in 7.0.0 completely wrong in pt_BR version. I do not understand why they
> get
> a week day name instead of the month.
> Its good if there is written some kind of rule on how things get included
> so
> we can be sure that what gets included in the git tree and releases is
> correct.
> Rgds
> Saxa
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