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> Hey Chris
> Just a thought, what if DocumentFactory had a way of
> registering a NamespaceContext or a namespace URI Map
> with it, then you could register your normal
> namespaces once and never have to worry about such
> things again.
> e.g. if you were to register your preferred namespace
> URIs with the singleton DocumentFactory, then
> everthing should see it I think.

I've added this to CVS. So now there is a setXPathNamespaceUris(Map) method
on DocumentFactory where you can register whatever namespace prefixes -> uri
mappings you like, then when XPath expressions are evaluated on documents
associated with the DocumentFactory the namespace prefixes will be used.

I've added a test case to org.dom4j.TestNamespace called
testNamespaceUriMap() which demonstrates this in action. Here's a snippet of
code that demonstrates it in action...

        // register namespace prefix->uri mappings with factory
        Map uris = new HashMap();
        uris.put( "x", "fooNamespace" );
        uris.put( "y", "barNamespace" );

        DocumentFactory factory = new DocumentFactory();
        factory.setXPathNamespaceURIs( uris );

        // parse or create a document
        SAXReader reader = new SAXReader();
        reader.setDocumentFactory( factory );
        Document doc = reader.read( "foo.xml" );

        // evaluate XPath using registered namespace prefixes
        // which may not appear in the document, though the URIs should
        String value = doc.valueOf( "/x:pizza/y:cheese/x:pepper" );


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