On Monday, 19 September 2016 08:22:09 BST Antony Wellings wrote:
> Just thought I'd introduce myself on here, my name is Antony. Recently moved
> down to Bournemouth, well a year ago - kinda recent. Anyway thought I'd
> lookup the local LUG group here. I currently work for the Mercedes dealer
> group in the area looking after there IT systems, helps pass the day,
> nothing spectacular mostly windows deskptop support and some windows server
> stuff that sort of thing. My interest in other OS's began with BSD which I
> still like to use, currently typing this on my mail server which runs
> FreeBSD. I also like to dabble in programming, very much a hobby rather
> than a good level. Currently learning Python at the moment and would like
> to broaden that in to some web development maybe running a website of sort,
> have to figure that out yet. Anyway that's me, just thought i'd say Hi and
> maybe get to know some others around here for some Linuxy geeky techy type
> stuff

Hi, Antony,

Welcome to the Dorset LUG.  Presumably you've found our Wiki at http://
dorset.lug.org.uk/wiki/[1] so you probably know that we meet once a month at 
the The 
Broadway in Bournemouth (just down the road from the Castlepoint shopping 

These tend to be fairly social events, which occasionally get pretty technical. 
 Otherwise we 
try to solve list-members problems online.

Try coming along to the next meeting on the 4th of October (follow the link in 
the Sig).


                Terry Coles

[1] http://dorset.lug.org.uk/wiki/
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