This is a follow-up to my earlier info about the problems that I experienced 
with my Dell XPS-13 Developer Edition and the unsuitability of the Pre-
installed Ubuntu 14.04 for a machine with Skylake processor and QHD+ high res 
touchscreen.  As I said at one point, I was waiting for Kubuntu 16.10 to be 
released in the hope that things would improve.

Well they have (as expected).  Kernel 4.8 has boosted the benchmarks to a 
sensible number and the touchscreen can be used as a graphics tablet without 
booting into the default installation (just like in the Microsoft Surface ads 
:-) .

Kubuntu still doesn't cope very well with scaling the hi-res screen so I have 
to reset the resolution down to 1920x1080 to make it readable, but otherwise 
it is now quite a nice machine to use.

As to whether it is considered to be value for money, I'll leave up to you.  
In any case the machine is currently unavailable because Dell are updating the 
XPS-13 to the Kaby Lake processor.

Here we go again....


                Terry Coles

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