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That was a bit of a rant; in fact, I couldn't be bothered to read it all.
I bought a APC back-up 800 UPS many years ago after 6 power outages in one day It's sufficient to supply 2 PCs and their monitors, a Buffalo network backup device and the hub that connects them (operation time 17 mins) . I have replaced the battery once. I use the excellent apcupsd software. Not a great expense in the wider scheme of things, and I'm very pleased I have it. According to the log, most outages are very short - a few seconds - and there have been 56 since 29 October 2017. 'Nuff said

Yes those were my thoughts too. I have 3 APC SmartUPS ranging in age from 12 to 21 years. With apcupsd they just get on and do their stuff. Sealed lead acid batteries last approx 4 years in these sort of applications; I've brought various replacements off ebay (the UPS 700 batteries have somewhat rare 1/4" terminals on 12Ah cells which is something to watch).

I noticed probably 15 years ago that apcupsd started reporting these very brief outages and did look into switching that off (as I generally didn't see so much as a flicker to indicate they were of any significance) but just learned to live with it.

I don't think a UPS is a good community-driven project. The voltages, currents, and consequences of getting something wrong (and there's loads that can go wrong), are way too nasty. Then there's custom magnetics, EMC - the list goes on and on.



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