On Monday, 19 February 2018 12:04:51 GMT Terry Coles wrote:
> I'm hoping to try the new config tomorrow, when I go to the WMT.

The config provided by Foxdog Studios didn't work for me, so I removed the Pi 
and the AP from the WMT and set the whole thing up at home.

I'm still having problems, but I don't think it has anything to do with the 
config provided by Foxdog.  I searched back through the emails at the time and 
remembered that I had never got this spoofing to work on Android but, (as 
indicated by Foxdog), iPhones have always worked.  At the time, we agreed that 
it wasn't the end of the world to have to accept a connection with no path to 
the Internet, because at least the users would then realise that they wouldn't 
be able to access Twitter / Facebook etc when connected to our AP.  Since 
then, Management have decided that spoofing the Internet is a better solution.

Here is what we had, which worked as long as the user clicked on 'Remain 
Connected to this AP' when prompted by the phone:

The Wireless AP is a TL-WA7210N.  We configured it as an Access Point and used 
the built in DHCP server to set up an IP Range for Visitor's devices of - 199.

The Pi is running nginx and had the server wmt.com setup and the earlier 
version of the Foxdog solution.  There was no DNS server running anywhere on 
the system, which is why I suspect the Foxdog solution never really worked.

Since I got the system home, I have:

1.  Turned off DHCP in the TL-WA7210N.
2.  Configured The Raspberry Pi Webserver to also provide DHCP and DNS servers.
3.  Set up a static IP address of for the Pi.
5.  Made the Pi a DHCP server instead of a client.
4.  Listed all of the domains in the Foxdog solution, plus the webserver 
(WMT.com) in the file hosts.dnsmasq

All using the instructions given in:


It is exactly the same as before !!!

Any ideas as to what I've missed?


                Terry Coles

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