On Friday, 23 February 2018 12:25:29 GMT Terry Coles wrote:
> Any ideas as to what I've missed?

I think maybe I've got something wrong in the Foxdog configuration after all.

When the system is running, I get allocated an IP Address of for 
WLN0 on my phone.  I can ping WMT.com and all the domains listed in the Foxdog 
solution. I can also issue traceroute and get 1 hop responses, so it looks 
like my DHCP and DNS servers configuration is OK.

I'm now wondering if the nginx config is missing something, but I can't 
actually see what at the moment.  If I issue:

        nginx -s reload

I no longer get errors ( I had some, but they're fixed) and I can type 
'wmt.com' at the browser and I get the page I want - as long as I've agreed to 
stay connected to the AP which has no Internet access.

Still looking for inspiration....


                Terry Coles

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