Hi Terry,

> > >   subprocess.Popen(mpg321 -l -m -a hw:1,0 Playlist)
> > 
> > Have you tried using the ID you've assigned with udev based on the
> > USB port as the card number;  the `1' in `1,0' above?
> I've tried allsorts

I can't tell if that includes my suggestion.  :-)

> and whatever happens the hw: numbers never seem to bear any relation
> to the ID's that i created in the udev rules.

Why would they?  I thought the udev rules were mapping from a USB port
to a textual label.  You then ditch the hw:card,device number and use
hw:label,device.  Are you only using the Pi for these trials, or
switching away from Raspbian?  What's your udev look like after
following that guide?

Cheers, Ralph.

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