Hi Terry,

> > > > Have you tried using the ID you've assigned with udev based on
> > > > the USB port as the card number;  the `1' in `1,0' above?
> > >
> > > I've tried allsorts
> > 
> > I can't tell if that includes my suggestion.  :-)
> Well I did say that I'd been using udev rules.

Yes, but that means you've asked udev to assign an ID based on USB port,
not whether you have substituted the `1' above with that ID when trying
to play a tune.

> As mentioned previously, labels only work with aplay and omxplayer,
> which don't support Python lists or looping through a list.

This might help.  Ignore aplay()'s definition;  it's just because I
don't have that command here.

    $ aplay() { s=$((RANDOM % 3 + 1)); echo playing $1 for $s s; sleep $s; }
    $ while :; do for f in zadok.mp3 black-dog.flac; do aplay $f; done; done
    playing zadok.mp3 for 1 s
    playing black-dog.flac for 3 s
    playing zadok.mp3 for 1 s
    playing black-dog.flac for 3 s
    playing zadok.mp3 for 2 s
    playing black-dog.flac for 1 s
    playing zadok.mp3 for 3 s

> It's easier to observe results and copy'n'paste from this machine than
> from the Pi.

But they don't have to behave the same, e.g. Raspbian probably thinks
any audio device belongs to the one logged-in user whereas your normal
distribution could be a lot more choosy because it knows there can be
multiple users and perhaps multiple heads.

Surely once you've ssh'd in from a terminal it all looks the same from
the cut and paste point of view?  :-)

> ATTRS{idVendor}=="8086", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0808", ATTR{id}="TOWER"
> ATTRS{idVendor}=="0d8c", ATTRS{idProduct}=="013c", ATTR{id}="CHANCEL"

Oh, you've different VID:PID now, I must have forgotten that.  I thought
you were going by USB port number, as explained on that page you linked

> pcm.TOWER {
>     type hw
>     card 0
>         device 0
> }

Is that trying to tell it to map 0,0 to your udev TOWER ID, or that a
thing called TOWER is to access 0,0 when used?

Cheers, Ralph.

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