Hi Terry,

> Yes it could be a leftover from the Python program.  At the moment the
> Python still runs on boot-up and then I kill it with Ctr-C.

If it's a zombie it's because its parent isn't reaping its death.  That
means it has a parent that's living, and that will tell you whether it's
the Python program or something you've manually started.  `ps l 42' will
give a long listing of PID 42, including PPID.

> I have realised that I can play the music files no matter where they
> are even though I'm using the same hw:2,0 port that has just failed
> with bells.  None of the bells files work with that or any other port,
> but I can't see what is wrong with the format of the files and they
> work if I send them to the bcm audio channel.

`ffmpeg -i foo.mp4 |& grep Audio:' can show detail about a file and may
highlight differences.

Cheers, Ralph.

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