On 10/08/18 14:40, Hamish MB wrote:
Hi Tim,

I use a plugin called ImportExportTools to help with this, which is
perhaps a better option than copying the files manually. If you export
in EML format, you should be able to re-import.

You can also save in a nice HTML format (and various others) if you
don't need to view them in thunderbird anymore, which is whatI do for
archiving old emails.

At the bottom of the tools menu, there are a number of Import/export
options for mail. But this doen't cover the option of setting up a new

Peter M.

As an experiment, as I have four email profiles in T-Bird and had just about retired one, I exported my xx.netscape inbox and imported it into my xx.yahoo inbox and it all worked successfully, up to a point. There were 16 emails in the inbox to be exported, and there are 21 in the imported inbox, with  the exported 15 showing as not read.

The import/export tools has an option to export/import profiles I just noticed.

Cheers, Peter

PS: Now to empty that retired email profile again!

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