On Thursday, 28 November 2019 17:59:09 GMT Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> Boot something like Clonezilla from a USB stick and have it copy all the
> used old disk, partition table and all partitions, to the new disk.
> Given the caddy is probably a bottleneck, I'd put the old disk in there
> as reading is normally quicker than writing and the caddy may have less
> impact.  Also, caddy interfaces can be flaky compared to having the
> drive installed properly.
> https://www.clonezilla.org/show-live-doc-content.php?topic=clonezilla-live/d
> oc/03_Disk_to_disk_clone
> Afterwards, if the new disk is working well, boot from a USB stick again
> and use something like gparted to adjust the partitions to use more of
> the disk if you want, e.g. expand /home assuming that's the last
> partition before all the free space.  Or you can combine partition
> resizing with the initial copying in Clonezilla if you're confident.
> https://clonezilla.org/clonezilla-live/doc/03_Disk_to_disk_clone/advanced/05
> -advanced-param.php

I didn't get round to doing this yesterday because my journey up to the 
Midlands and back at the weekend was absolutely horrendous ;-(   I spent a 
fair chunk of yesterday catching up with jobs and, well, sleeping.

In the event, I Booted into Parted Magic this morning and chose 'Clone Disk' 
with both discs plugged into this machine.  This allowed me to clone 
'Partition to Partition' and simultaneously expand the destination partition 
to fill the unused space on the disc, so I didn't need to adjust anything with 
GParted afterwards.

I now have 660 GB free on my home partition instead of 0% free as I had at one 
point last week.


                Terry Coles

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