On Thursday, 11 February 2021 09:06:44 GMT CA Wills wrote:
> The router is mounted on a high shelf in a room with 2 single brick
> walls between.  This problem has recently started (since mid Jan), it's
> not consistent and nothing has changed with settings on the laptop. I
> have thought that perhaps the wireless card in the laptop is failing but
> would that not be permanent?  The card is fixed and held by 2 screws to
> the motherboard.  Do cards fail as they age?

Is there another device in the house that you can use to check the signal?  If 
you can reliably log into the Router with a phone, desktop, iPad, etc, then 
that would isolate the fault to the laptop.  (I seem to recall that you don't 
have a Smartphone.)  What about a plug-in WiFi Adaptor?

Failing that I don't know how to diagnose this unless there is someone who 
could stand outside and login on their device.


                Terry Coles

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