On Mon, 15 Feb 2021 15:02:23 +0000, Terry Coles wrote:
> I just realised that things aren't quite as I thought.  If I start
> the program with the Plylist Number set to zero, the Music Player
> doesn't start, as is expected.  If I then call next_playlist():
> def next_playlist():
>     global playlists, playlist_index
>     playlist_index += 1                                  # Select
> the next Playlist Number
>     if playlist_index > len(playlists):
>         playlist_index = 1
>     Status[9] = str(playlist_index)
>     mp3_player_start()
>  then the software behaves as if the player has already been run and
> freezes.

Sorry, I didn't see this before replying. My response did not take any 
of this into account.

I'm left wondering:
"Where are you calling next_playlist()?"
"What do you mean by 'freezes'?"

If you are calling next_playlist from an interrupt handler and if, by 
'freezes', you mean 'seems to stop handling interrupts', then this 
could just be another manifestation of the same issue.

Otherwise, I'm less sure.


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