On Tuesday, 16 February 2021 12:03:28 GMT Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty wrote:
> Well I must say, I'm not that familiar with apscheduler, but it looks to
> me as if it's causing more issues and complexity than threading would,
> at least in some cases.
> I also don't think it exactly avoid threading, because apscheduler is
> probably using its own internal threading to achieve the results.

I didn't want to avoid threading as such; I was trying to ensure that all 
instances of mp3_player_start() were running in a thread as per the suggestion 
by Patrick.  As it happens that hasn't solved the original problem.

> If I wrote this, I'd be more likely to use multiple threads and some
> global state to control them - much like how I've done in the river
> system with variables like config.EXITING to signal program shutdown.

I suspect you are right, but apscheduler has worked well for me for a long 
time and is used extensively in this software to schedule events at certain 
times of the day and at intervals down to 1 second (to trigger the check for 
messages in the sockets code).

It may be that my problem here is nothing to do with threading and something 
else is blocking the minstermusic execution from continuing when I try to 
start or restart  the music.  If that is the case I'll revert the code to the 
way it was because that was working fine apart from this current problem.


                Terry Coles

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