On Friday, 26 February 2021 11:55:36 GMT John Palmer wrote:
> I have (perhaps unwisely) bought a Hewlett multifunction printer
> MFP179fnw. How on earth do I connect it to my home wifi network ?
> At present it's a nice stand-alone photocopier, but that's the least
> useful part !

HP are actually very good at supporting HP Printers; you need to install 

You don't say which Linux Distro you are using, but with Ubuntu derivatives, 
HPLIP is in the Repositories.

Once you've installed it, fire it up and launch the Device Manager.  You should 
then be able to click on the green + button to add a new device.  Depending on 
the particular printer, you should find it will seek out your printer, however 
out of the three HP Printers that I've owned I had to manually install them 

You may find it useful to give the printer a static IP Address in your Router.


                Terry Coles

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