On Friday, 26 February 2021 14:23:08 GMT PeterMerchant wrote:
> >> You may find it useful to give the printer a static IP Address in your
> >> Router.  [WILL] not may!

Are you commenting on my grammar or making a statement of fact?  Some Routers 
don't change the allocated IP Addresses for internal devices very often, but 
most do.  However, I was referring to being able to access the Web 
Configuration Page.

> I have a Brother wifi connected printer, and I I remember correctly, I had
> to connect it via USB to the computer in order to initially configure it. I
> have never used the USB since. It has a cobweb across it.

HPLIP mentions using USB to make a direct connection to the printer from the 
computer (eg not via a site-wide WiFi Network).  However, only some models 
support this anyway and connecting to my home WiFi has always worked fine for 


                Terry Coles

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