On Friday, 26 March 2021 15:58:41 GMT Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty wrote:
> I just found some cool cross-platform and excellent Gantt chart
> software, which you can find at:

Being an ex Project Manager I couldn't resist downloading this.  It seems to 
work and it's pretty easy to use, but I wouldn't want to try to manage a big 
project with it.

Things I would seriously miss are:

* The ability to enter Task Durations in hours and not just days.
* The ability to give resources a Work Calendar so that their availability is 
defined across the project and not just for 'days off'.  (By this I mean how 
many hours per week they work.)
* The ability to allocate a resource to a Task based on the above work 

I'm sure there are lots of other things that maybe other PMs would like to see 
but the above matches my workflow which was:

* Estimate each activity in hours and then enter the task duration in hours.
* Allocate the Resources.
* The tool then sets the elapsed time in days. weeks or months based on the 
Resource Calendars.

The tool therefore provides a prediction of the end date that takes into 
account the availability of all the resources as well as the work required.

Picky I know, but my Projects were not noted for overrunning.  (I did get a 
'talking to' once for coming in early.  :-)  )

I know I could pay my $5 and ask for the above, but I no longer have a real 
need for a Project Management Tool.


                Terry Coles

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