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On Wednesday, 14 April 2021 18:05:27 BST CA Wills wrote:
> Now have the new main PC (NUC B10) working, we are able to print to
> printers (Laser connected on PC by USB, Colour printer via the network
> (Router Ethernet) and all looks well from the PC.
> On the old PC we had Samba installed as that was very early on in my
> Linux days and Terry very kindly came over and installed it.

It was a bit more complicate back then and I had to hand craft your smb.conf 
file to get it to work.

Since then I've reinstalled Kubuntu on this machine several time and I can't 
remember the last time I had to tweak the config.  For me, samba now 'just 
works.  Of course I'm not using Mint.

> Tried to share my laptop 'Documents' folder so that I can get to
> the_laptop_ files from the new PC.  On laptop notice comes up saying
> Samba is not installed.
> Also noticed I can't now print on the Laser even when the PC is 'ON'. 
> With the old PC as long as it was 'ON' I could print OK.

I'm not sure that I can help with this.

> As all our equipment is Linux do I need to have Samba to share equipment
> and files, or is there another Linux way? A long while ago someone said
> you only need Samba if you connect to Windows machines.

It is true that you don't need Samba if you are only accessing Linux computers 
(which isn't quite what you said).  Most NAS Boxes use smb by default (usually 
by running Samba on them, so although you may be able to enable NFS on yours 
you may find it easier to stick to Samba.

Sorry I can't offer any real suggestions to solve your problem.


                Terry Coles

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