On Friday, 28 May 2021 12:33:53 BST Terry Coles wrote:
> On Friday, 28 May 2021 12:25:27 BST Keith Edmunds wrote:
> > Smokeping is a daemon, so no X needed. The (optional) display is simply a
> > web page, so no X needed. The notifications don't need X.


Maybe I'm missing something, but this tool doesn't seem to do what I need.  
From the Introduction:

'Smokeping is a latency measurement tool. It sends test packets out to the net 
and measures the amount of time they need to travel from one place to the 
other and back.'

I don't need a tool to send out packets; my Pi is already doing that (I hope).  
I need a tool to monitor packets being sent by one host on a network to 
another as Wireshark does.

Or am I being dumb?


                Terry Coles

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