On Saturday, 5 June 2021 10:40:22 BST Terry Coles wrote:

It's not been my day for performing error free tasks ;-(  Apart from an 
unrelated cock-up earlier today, I now realise that bitwarden does work well 
for Google-like logins.  See below.

> There's two bits of bad news; first bitwarden has to be explicitly unlocked
> each time the browser is used.  I can live with that, but that wasn't

It is possible to change the Vault Timeout in Settings.  By default it is set 
to 'On browser restart', but it can also be set to 'Never'.  Needless to say 
there are dire warnings about this.

> The second issue is that it doesn't work when logging in to Google itself.

It does.  There was a typo in my password entry which I didn't realise until I 
toggled the visibility icon.


                Terry Coles

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