Some time ago I posted a message (Monitor Pings on WiFi Interface) which 
discussed the problem we have been having at WMT with a WiFi Adaptor dropping 
connections after a few days.  One theory was that the device was using WMM 
Power and I set up a regular ping every 15 minutes to see if that would 
alleviate the problem.  It didn't.

I had to drop this investigation owing to tasks that arose with family and 
friends and these took up an inordinate amount of my time.  However, I have 
largely sorted them and would like to try to resolve this once and for all.

One thing that leads me to think that this problem is related to this specific 
installation is that we have now deployed five Tiny-TV Interfaces which are 
based on Raspberry Pi Zeros.  These display 1950s TV images in the TV shops 
and hotels.  The screens are installed in 3-D printed 50s-style TV cabinets 
and the Pi and interfacing electronics are in IP65 Boxes.  By contrast, the 
WiFi adaptor that is giving problems is housed within the model Minster and is 
equipped with an external antenna.

The thing is that I have experienced no WiFi dropouts with these Tiny-TV  
installations.  Some of the devices are powered down on a daily basis but two 
have now been running continuously for 13 + days with no dropouts.  The 
buildings are constructed in the same fashion as the Minster (cast concrete), 
there are no external Antennas and the locations aren't particularly close or 
line-of-sight and the signal strength measured by iwconfig and wavemon is 
generally similar to that measured by the Minster system.

Any thoughts on what I could do to diagnose this problem?


                Terry Coles

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