On Friday, 25 June 2021 21:03:07 BST CA Wills wrote:
> Last time we tried to arrange a Wimborne meeting transport was the big
> problem.  At that time we looked at the Cricket Club as they would give
> us a separate room from the normal club room.
> See what comes back.

I would echo that.  In the approximately 20 years that I've been attending LUG 
Meetings we've always had problems when the venue was not a bus ride from our 
membership base.  Since the largest conurbation in Dorset has always 
Bournemouth,  Bournemouth has been the most successful location for a venue.

We've tried various other venues and for a while, Dorchester wasn't too bad 
because we had a fair few people who lived there or nearby.  Most of those 
people moved on and we ended up with the average Meeting attendance falling to 
3 or 4.

Since we moved to the Broadway and more recently, the Electric Club, we've 
maintained a fairly strong attendance record for quite a few years.


                Terry Coles

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