On Sat, 31 Jul 2021 10:31:41 +0100, zir...@xendistar.co.uk said:

> I have been trawling through an old MySQL database and as it archived 
> Archive Manager was using Xed to look at the file

What format is the file? (Hint: at command line, type 'file filename')

> In the end I did a simple CTRL-A of the whole data base and then copied
> and pasted it into Mousepad

Presumably you selected the whole of the database dump file rather than
the database?

> Was it faster pasting it into Mousepad simply because I had copied the 
> text out and into Mouse pad and xed was dealing all the SQL stuff. 

I've never used (or even heard of) Xed before today, but it doesn't seem
to deal with SQL. Do you mean syntax highlighting? If so, it's possible -
syntax highlighting will have a processing overhead, although I don't know
how efficient Xed is at doing that.

Some editors (eg, vim) will only process syntax for what's displayed;
others will parse the whole file. The latter approach will clearly be
slower on initial load, but faster to scroll.

How big is the dump file?
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