Tim gave us a demo of the restic back program, which looked very nice.

The Greaseweazle is a small PCB with an Arm Cortex-M4 in an Artery
AT32F403 and a couple of connectors for a floppy drive and a USB
connector.  It reads and writes flux levels to the drive and is
controlled by its software which runs at the other end of the USB
connection.  https://github.com/keirf/Greaseweazle/#readme

LibDsk is a library and suite of programs for interpreting old
floppy-disk formats.  http://www.seasip.info/Unix/LibDsk/

rtl_433 receives and displays data from 433 MHz devices, and other
frequencies too now.

rtl_power records radio to a CSV file for later plotting as a heat map
over time × frequency.  http://kmkeen.com/rtl-power/
Here's a nice example which has been labelled.

An analysis of a 433 MHz transmission which shows the automatic gain
control, and how the VirtualWire library for the Arduino seems to be
wrong.  More nice diagrams.

Cheers, Ralph.

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