On 02/01/2022 10:54, Terry Coles wrote:
On Sunday, 2 January 2022 09:53:48 GMT Terry Coles wrote:
Initially it didn't work, but then I realised that pulseaudio probably
wasn't installed by default in Raspberry PI OS Lite. After installation I
got a permission error, but it worked after a reboot.
This is weird.  Installing pulseaudio allowed me to set the volume using the
'-D pulse' switch, but  I could get nothing from the speakers.  So I purged
pulseaudio and my speakers burst into life again.

The weird thing is that the command:

amixer -D pulse set Master 50%

still works.

How can that be?

Has Raspbian perhaps switched to using PipeWire for audio I wonder? Pipewire is meant to overcome the many issues with Pulseaudio so I wonder if they might have done that, and that is the cause of the old commands not working.

Definitely makes me think twice about upgrading the river system pis.


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