I would be grateful for suggestions to solve the following connection problem.
In the following description, D stands for 192.168.1
My router, D.1, has a control panel that identifies the following ethernet connected devices:     f0:2f:74:1f:d0:99       y     b8:27:eb:50:44:91    y       f4:30:b9:83:84:1c     y       74:03:bd:0c:b0:38    y       40:16:7e:b4:09:e2    y

y indicates that the device passes traffic to the WAN

My laptop, D.3 shown the following devices by ip neigh:    enp1s0    c4:ea:1d:e4:27:a2    REACHABLE      Y  enp1s0    f0:2f:74:1f:d0:99       STALE     N    enp1s0    74:03:bd:0c:b0:38    STALE N    enp1s0    40:16:7e:b4:09:e2    STALE N

Y/N indicates ping success.
D.3 "knows about" D.6, D.9 and D.10 because they are in /etc/fstab as a result of previously successful connections.

D.9 acts as a server and shows the following by ip neigh:        enp2s0    c4:ea:1d:e4:27:a2   REACHABLE    Y      enp2s0    f0:2f:74:1f:d0:99      REACHABLE    Y      enp2s0    b8:27:eb:50:44:91 STALE               Y        enp2s0    74:03:bd:0c:b0:38 STALE               Y

D.10 is my main work PC, and shows the following via ip neigh:        enp5s0    c4:ea:1d:e4:27:a2    REACHABLE    Y      enp5s0    b8:27:eb:50:44:91    REACHABLE    Y        enp5s0    74:03:bd:0c:b0:38    STALE     Y        enp5s0    40:16:7e:b4:09:e2    REACHABLE    Y

D.6 ia a NAS box that both D.9 and D.10 can and do write to.
D.6, D.9, D.10 and D.16 are connected to D.1 via an 8-way Netgear hub
My problem: D.3 cannot reach D.9 or D.10, and neither D.9 nor D.10 can reach D.3, despite all being connected to D.1 (I hope the attempt at tabulating this data survives the translation to other mail clients)

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