Hi there,

I believe a while back I was talking about TRIM here, more specifically about it not running automatically on my systems, and I think someone recommended I enable fstrim.service with systemd.

I finally got around to that, only to find that it was already enabled, and apparently not doing anything. As I don't leave my systems on 24/7, is it safe to assume that the timer isn't firing when the system is booted up later, after the configured time for TRIM has passed?

If so, does anyone know how to configure a task like this to run when scheduled, or alternatively when the system is next booted up in the case that the event was missed?

I know CRON can't do this, and I assumed the point of using systemd timers was that they could do this, but alas perhaps not. I assume there must be a standard way to do this, because it seems like a rather big omission, considering that other commercial operating systems Who Must Not Be Named (TM) seem to have had this feature for a while.

Any ideas?


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