On Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:13:49 +0100, Terry Coles wrote:
> On Sunday, 27 March 2022 16:07:30 BST Patrick Wigmore wrote:
> > What is the IP address of the user's device, and how does it get
> > allocated to that device?
> The Webserver is also a DHCP Server and a DNS Server.  The bottom
> 100 addresses are reserved for devices that a permanently
> connected, eg river system etc.  The top 100 or so addresses are
> allocated to a user (eg a Visitor) by the DHCP Server.  As soon as
> the user's device is connected to the WiFi network, nodogsplash
> routes his browser to the Webserver.
> In other words, when a Visitor connects to the site WiFi he gets a
> landing page on his device which allows him to choose the content
> he wishes to view.

And is this borne out in the testing? Does the Visitor's device get 
issued with an address in the expected range under both the working 
and non-working scenarios? Does it also get told about the same DNS 
server and default gateway (if any) in each case?

Does the Visitor's device obtain any unintended Internet access at 


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