On 29/03/2022 11:37, Terry Coles wrote:
After realising that the problem had nothing to do with the VPN Server, I've
done further investigation and the most likely cause of this is the check that
all Android phones have to do before they will connect to a WiFi Network.

On occasions I've caught an error from 'connectivitycheck.gstatic.com/
generate_204'.  Sometimes I'm getting 'net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED' and
sometimes I get 'net::ERR_TIMED_OUT'.  I've posted a typical screenshot at:


The trouble is that during WiFi connection checks a message is sent to that
URL by the phone and if the response isn't received, then Android believes
that there is no Internet access and (normally) flags this up to the user with
an option to ignore before connecting.  It seems that nodogsplash somehow gets
into the middle of this sometimes and the Welcome splash screen doesn't get

Even so, a user 'in the know' can still connect to the content by browsing to
the Home Page, so the connection is still made.  Unfortunately there will be
no Visitors to WMT who are in the know.

The trouble is that development of nodogsplash seems to be moribund, the last
commits being about 2 years ago and there have been no issues added since
October last year.  I therefore suspect that I can't get much help from that

Has anyone any thoughts on this?  As mentioned elsewhere this problem isn't
new; we just had less understanding of it 2-3 years ago and it was less
prevalent.  Before that, I used to display a notice on site which gave
instructions on how to browse to the Home Page, but this was deemed to be too
complicated and nodogsplash was installed to make it easier..  I don't really
want to have to go back to the original approach if possible.

Hmm interesting. Are you not having the SSH connection issues to the webserver when it's at your house then? That was the issue we were originally debugging, and shouldn't have anything to do with either nodogsplash or Android if I understand things correctly.


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