On Thursday, 31 March 2022 15:36:44 BST Terry Coles wrote:
> I've just remembered that I have the ability to connect with another Kubuntu
> machine (this desktop) by plugging in a USB WiFi Adaptor, that I'd
> forgotten that I have. I did. It worked. So the problem seems to be in my
> laptop.   :oops

Hi, I've found out a couple of things since yesterday. First; ip a doesn't 
identify the DNS 
Server in use and nor does ip route, which only provides the default route. 
However, nmcli 
does. On my desktop which is connected to the Internet via Ethernet to my home 
and to the test network via WiFi, I get:

nmcli dev show | grep DNS

Which shows that the machine has knowledge of a DNS Server via my home router 
the DNS Server on the test network (the Webserver). I would expect therefore 
nslookup should work from my desktop to identify items on the test network. The 
is that this only half works. From my desktop:

terry@OptiPlex:~$ nslookup wmt-guest.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   wmt-guest.com
Name:   wmt-guest.com

Good. But if I try to resolve the identity of one of the other devices on the 
real network 
(held in a separate file and identified in dnsmasq.conf by the line 
hosts.dnsmasq'), it doesn't work:

terry@OptiPlex:~$ nslookup sumppi

** server can't find sumppi: SERVFAIL

Unless I include the identity of the server.

terry@OptiPlex:~$ nslookup sumppi

Name:   sumppi

I can resolve sumppi when logged into the Webserver via ssh. So why does 
nslookup fail 
when I try to use it from a device logged into the test network unless I 
include the identity 
of the DNS Server?


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