On Friday, 1 April 2022 15:26:00 BST JD wrote:
> I've had a Brother laser printer for a few years. It's their cheapest,
> monochrome, single sided. I've always found the text to be not quite
> dark enough, but OK for home use. The Brother provision for drivers on
> Linux was patchy then but seems OK now. I wrote this list entry in Feb
> when I couldn't scan:
> "At that point I had THE obvious thought - is there a new driver?? Lo
> and behold, on the Brother website is a packaged set of drivers for
> printer, CUPS, and scanner - dated 21/8/2021!"
> and all is well now.  I also use a fixed IP address.



It's looking like we'll get the Model that I mentioned.  My birthday is 2-3 
weeks away and I want to use most of the remaining ink in the old HP, but I 
expect we'll buy soon.


                Terry Coles

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