On Thursday, 31 March 2022 13:05:00 BST Terry Coles wrote:
> For a system that used to work, the Webserver at WMT is throwing up numerous
> problems.  After fixing the erroneous conflict yesterday, I now find that
> devices are not being given a default route.

I've resolved this. Having spent quite some time trying to get my head round 
the man 
page for dnsmasq, I came to the conclusion that the local lookups were being 
because the device names in my hosts.dnsmasq file had no dots in them. I've 
experimented with adding various suffixes and ended up with a simple '.l' on 
the end of 
each device and it works.

(A dot on it's own didn't work, even though my reading of the man page led me 
to believe 
that it should. I also thought about using '.lc', bit that is a  real domain 
suffix (Saint Lucia) 
and also 'local', but that is apparently reserved for IETF use, so I decided to 
stick with '.l', 
since it doesn't conflict with any real ones and it's shorter to type.) I know 
my problem was 
a bit of a corner case, but I'm really pleased to finally understand it 


                Terry Coles
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