On Tue, 19 Apr 2022 09:45:02 +0100, Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty wrote:
> On 19/04/2022 07:27, Terry Coles wrote:
> > On Monday, 18 April 2022 20:26:36 BST Patrick Wigmore wrote:
> >> If there isn't a suitable route to on the VPN
> >> client
> >> computer, then manually adding one temporarily might be a
> >> worthwhile experiment.
> >> 
> >> Hmmm.  I've been struggling to find the correct iptables command
> >> to do that.

> Note: iptables is a firewall, and doesn't handle routing.
> You probably need to add a route with "route add" but I don't know
> what options to use after that. The only one I have used is "route
> add default gw x.x.x.x" so I will let Patrick handle this - he
> knows more Linux-specific stuff than I do here.

I would use ip route add, but I am not really 'up' on the specifics. 
It is something I would figure out by trial and error (and reading the 

But I forgot that IPSec VPNs don't present themselves as virtual 
network interfaces, which means it isn't necessarily obvious when you 
have a route that's going through the VPN, and I am not sure whether 
it is actually possible to create a route manually in the way I was 

I was imagining that you would see a route to [something] via [a VPN 
network interface], as you would with some other types of VPN. But 
instead, you'll see something like a route to [something] via [the 
same network interface that handles your default route] and via [the 
VPN server], with the kernel knowing (somehow - I forget exactly how) 
that it needs to encrypt packets that take that route.

Looking at your ip route show output
> terry@OptiPlex:~/Useful$ ip route show
> default via dev eno1 proto dhcp metric 100
> dev eno1 scope link metric 1000
> dev eno1 proto kernel scope link src
> metric 100

I think that last line is probably the route through the VPN, though I 
am not entirely certain. I've forgotten most of what I previously 
learnt about how routing works with IPSec.

Sorry for being a bit vague. This is more of a heads up that I may 
have sent you on a wild goose chase than an attempt to unpick it 


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