I have just spotted something which shows that the keyboard was a red herring.  
When the Play / Pause button is pressed the music stops and the player goes to 
Pause mode.  When the button is pressed again, the music may or may not be 
heard.  The key phrase is 'be heard'.  If I have just been listening to the 
audio from a video played in Chromium, the player restarts (I can see the 
progress indicator increasing), but there is no sound.

It seems to me that Chromium is grabbing the audio channel and not letting it 
go.  I find that a bit confusing because I thought that the linux sound system 
could play music from multiple sources and certainly if I don't press the Play 
/ Pause button while watching a video, I can hear both audio tracks.

Any thoughts on this?

BTW.  This shows why the fault was such a chameleon; if I hadn't been watching 
video it worked and if I had it didn't.  It's just that I hadn't realised this 
at the time.


                Terry Coles

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