I have a simple single line bash script which if I run from the command line using ./tablet3 works perfectly (loads an image on the screen in a borderless window)

feh -x /home/mit/scripts/tablet3 oi-u.png

Now if I try to schedule this with crontab for example

14 21 * * * /home/mit/scripts/tablet3/tablet.sh

Nothing happens, the images fails to appears on screen

If I check syslog I have the following lines

Jun 26 21:13:01 NX1 cron[1088]: (mit) RELOAD (crontabs/mit)
Jun 26 21:14:01 NX1 CRON[36023]: (mit) CMD (/home/mit/scripts/tablet3/tablet.sh) Jun 26 21:14:01 NX1 CRON[36022]: (CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)

I am no expert with scripts or contrab, so if somebody would be kind enough to point us in the write direction please


Tim H

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