On Monday, 27 June 2022 10:03:35 BST Peter Merchant wrote:
> I have just had to install chromium in order to resolve a problem on my
> opera browser not showing videos. I now have on my Kubuntu 20.04  Firefox,
> Chrome, Opera and Chromium.
> I believe TC uses Chromium instead of Chrome on his computer. Can I get rid
> of Chrome and Firefox? Are there any downsides/upsides to doing this. 
> Firefox is currently my default browser on the system.

You're right, I use Chromium and have Firefox installed but rarely used.

Before the latest update to 22.04, I had to install Chrome, because Chromium 
kept nagging me to log in to Google.  That has now gone away, so I now have 
Chromium for everything.


                Terry Coles

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