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On Sat, Jul 09 at 02:55, Terry Coles wrote:
> The Inverter is a Platinum 3800 or 4200 (I think) made by Diehl.  There is no 
> mention of a standby or sleep mode.  Since it was installed in 2011, I assume 
> that the design pre-dates that by some years and perhaps they didn't have 
> that 
> feature back then.  

Ah Google threw up a French datasheet.  Nightmode is <2.5W.
So I guess it's a measurment issue.

Our inverter is a 2015 model, the original 2011 one failed after four
years.  The installer supplied a newer model under warantee.

On a related note I've just about finished converting the house (inside
and out) to LED/CFL lighting.  Can anyone think of a use for all the old
incandescent bulbs or even how they can be recycled?

        Bob Dunlop

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